Portrayal.co is a portfolio of work made by Val Bogan. A designer and researcher based in Exeter, Devon, and Dublin, Ireland, my working life is split between maintaining a small business and initiating research projects.

Mostly visual, occasionally auditory, some made for clients, some made for myself, sometimes working in collaboration with others – it is difficult to find a common denominator between one piece of work and another. To impose some order, I have grouped the work into three categories – projects, design and portraits.

On completion of my M.A. in Contemporary Art Practice in 2008, my research interests concentrated on investigating the relationship between the body of the surgeon and the body of the patient when the patient is anaesthetised. More recently my emphasis has switched to the inherent complications of describing internal pain to a doctor and developing cross-sector, collaborative projects that challenge our perceptions of patient-doctor relationships. Details of the first two longitudinal, self-initiated studies – Temporary Orifices and Imaging Illness: Imaging Immy can be found in projects. In 2015, I was awarded a Fiosraigh Doctoral Scholarship by the Dublin Institute of Technology for a four-year patient-led baseline study – Describing symptoms and telling illness stories: researching strategies for patient to doctor communication. (Working title: Somatic Signage).

Also in the projects category is a selection of other work whose intended purpose was nothing other than a personal wish to explore ideas and see where they would lead.

If you have looked at design, you will have an idea of the kind of work I do for clients. I’m always willing to discuss any work you think I can do for you… just fill in the form on the contact page, and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

As every job has different requirements I won’t bore you with too much detail here – please get in touch to discuss your specific needs. In the meantime, here are synopses of the type of work I may be able to do for you:

I am equally happy to design websites from scratch ( e.g. vagabondreviews.org ) or to customise a WordPress template to house your online content ( e.g. everydayoncanalside.org ).

Book design
Contact me if you would like to discuss the design of a print or digital book. I can curate the content; provide the initial preliminary design sketches; illustrate the text; take the book through layout to the production of final artwork for hard copy printing, and customise the artwork for online publishing if required.

If you need illustrations, I can supply in a variety of media – pencil, pastel, ink or watercolour.

If I had to confess to one passion, it would be portraiture – both looking at other people’s portraits and producing my own.

When I get a chance, I plan to add a section to the site that will make it easy to order a watercolour portrait of yourself or somebody else. In the meantime, please use the contact form to get in touch if you would like to commission a portrait.