Val Bogan


2015 – 2019

Fiosraigh Doctoral Scholar, School of Media & School of Mechanical and Design Engineering, Dublin Institute of Technology, Ireland.
Research topic: Somatic Signage. A language of symptoms

2005 – 2008

MA Fine Art (Contemporary Art Practice), University of Plymouth, UK

2002 – 2003

FETAC Certificate in Multimedia Production and Web design; City and Guilds Certificate in Information Technology, FAS Training Centre, Cork, Ireland

Relevant Work Experience

2016 –

Powerscourt Townhouse Centre, Dublin, Ireland
Curation and Arts Engagement
Member of a team working with Powerscourt Townhouse to support engagement with the arts through exhibitions and events in an historic building and retail centre.

2012 – 2015

Counterpoints Arts, Hoxton, London, UK, and Pivotal Arts, Dublin, Ireland
Digital Designer and Project Coordinator (selected projects). Member of a multidisciplinary team working on projects that use the creative arts, media, technology and education to examine issues of social justice, including but not limited to migration.

2008 –, Exeter, Devon, UK
Self-employed in print and digital design company; production of websites, advertising, illustration and scientific posters.

2008 – 2009

Associate Lecturer Fine Art, Plymouth University, Devon, UK


Cork Vocational Education Committee, Cork, Ireland
Commissioned to design and teach an introductory course for secondary level teachers – Digital Design Techniques

1991 – 2005:

In-house Web Designer (2003-2005); Mail Order Division (1991-2002), Micromail, Blackrock, Cork, Ireland

(period includes sabbaticals and other continuous professional training)


Art Teacher, Education Unit, Cork Prison, Cork, Ireland

1984 – 1989

Triskel Arts Centre, Cork, Ireland
Resident Graphic Artist responsible for the production of advertising in arts centre: posters, brochures and print advertisements.

Selected Commissioned Projects

2017 Concept design, Digital design and Build Rialto Youth Project, Dublin, Ireland
A website showcasing and documenting the work of the Rialto Youth Project, an organisation with a particular commitment to working within two major local authority flat complexes, Fatima Mansions and Dolphin House in Dublin, while also maintaining an area-wide youth service and other forms of regional, city-wide and national affiliations.


I Said to Myself, Who Else? Essay design, Vagabond Reviews, Dublin, Ireland
A review essay by Ciaran Smyth, Vagabond Reviews, presented at The Blanks and the Trap-Doors, a closing event at the Irish Museum of Modern Art following the nationwide tour of E.gress, a short film produced by artist Marie Brett and musician Kevin O’Shanahan.

2013 – 2015

Moving Lives, Concept Design,  Counterpoints Arts, Dublin, Ireland
Online case study for the Irish NGO Immigrant Council of Ireland. This  I–Portrait represents a retrospective of the Council’s work with immigrant subjects in Ireland over a 13-year period.


Armenian Family Stories and Lost Landscapes: Ermeni Aile Öyküleri ve Kayip Mekanlar, Catalogue Design (print and online), Depo, Istanbul, Turkey
Catalogue accompanying Helen Sheehan’s photography exhibition about the Armenian Genocide.

2015, Concept Design, Digital Design and Build, Counterpoints Arts, London, UK
Design of online portrait of individual and collective memories, histories and ways of being at ‘home’ on the Canalside Estate, Hoxton, London.


Scientia Civitatis: Missing Titles, Concept design and print production, Vagabond Reviews, Dublin, Ireland
Book cover design for an installation presenting 48 books about a city that as yet does not exist.

2014, Concept Design, Digital Design and Build, Counterpoints Arts and Professor Sue Clayton, Goldsmiths College, London, UK
A website narrating the stories of young people, who have arrived in the UK alone seeking asylum from countries such as Iraq and Afghanistan.

2014, Concept Design, Digital Design & Build, Counterpoints Arts, London, UK
Design of website housing assets generated from previous and current Counterpoints Arts’ Learning Labs. Content includes films, audio, interviews, critical essays, working papers, project case studies and reviews.


(In)Visible Labour Factorium, Concept design and print production, Vagabond Reviews, Dublin, Ireland
Design of photographic panels framing women’s labour practices (both contemporary and historical), which tend to fall beneath the threshold of visibility.


Young Curators, Online e-book design and digital production, Pivotal Arts (now Counterpoints Arts, Dublin) and Chester Beatty Library, Dublin, Ireland
Mentoring and postproduction of an e-book series for ‘Young Curators’; delivery of a creative arts module encouraging young people to explore the interplay between visual arts curation and new media skills in the creation of a group exhibit integrating creative practice and digital design.

Digital Publications


Imaging illness: imaging Immy – Workbook 2, in collaboration with Professor Irmgard Holloway, The School of Health and Social Care, Bournemouth University, UK
The second in a series of digital workbooks that attempt to identify potential problems in conveying the information necessary for a doctor to make an accurate diagnosis. Text and images from Workbook 1 (see below) are edited and added to as we exemplify how meaning is perpetually created through the use of narrative.


Imaging illness: imaging Immy – Workbook 1, in collaboration with Professor Irmgard Holloway, The School of Health and Social Care, Bournemouth University, UK
A workbook analysing the process of diagnosis by using portraiture as a metaphor for the act of telling that a patient engages in when visiting their GP.


Roger, Steve, Clíodhna, Alan & Val Make a Diagnosis
A whimsical demonstration of how ideas erupt from within a network of intersections and associations; how authorship is an activity borne out of an accumulation of memories, interventions, imagination and reason.

Art Practice and Exhibitions

2011 – 2012

Inter, Between Art and Science, Exhibition, Atrium Gallery, Bournemouth UK
Online project development screening of Imaging illness: imaging Immy made available via monitor in gallery.


Missing Scenes – An Evening At Hanging Rock, Contributor
Invited to read Picnic at Hanging Rock by Joan Lindsay (original novel). My interviewed recollections of novel included in artist Louise K. Wilson’s film Missing Scenes – An Evening At Hanging Rock.


999 Seconds, Installation, Gallery333, Exeter, UK
An installation developed over a period of 12 months, examining the theory that the present moment lasts three seconds.


Temporary Orifices Who Am We? Installation, Peninsula Arts Gallery, Plymouth, UK
MA show of sound works, made in collaboration with surgeon, Professor David Jenkins; part of a study of the relationship between the body of the surgeon and the body of the patient during surgery.


Memory Test, Online
An examination of how memories are constructed.


makerS, Performance, Peninsula Arts Gallery, Plymouth, UK
A gallery performance demonstrating how other people, alive and dead, constitute my identity by contributing to my narrative.


The Idea of Voice, Contributor to Chameleon Lectra’s open composition project, Consemble C2


Experimental Researches (On the Irrational Embellish­ment of A University), Contributor, David Dellafiora’s Mail-Art Inter-Office Envelope Edition


Playing With Fire, Producer
A 30-minute documentary exploring the Irish government’s policy of developing Cork Harbour as a site for multinational chemical companies


Woman on the Verge (Selected Portrait), Irish National Portrait Exhibition, Dublin, Ireland


Johnny Gogan (Selected Portrait), Irish National Portrait Exhibition, Dublin, Ireland


4 Women at the Temple Bar, Exhibition,  Temple Bar Gallery, Dublin, Ireland

Conference Papers


Somatic Signage: Visual Storytelling in the Doctor’s Surgery
Conference: Storytelling for Health, ABMU Health Board, Swansea University, Wales


The Visualisation of the Presenting Complaint: Promoting Patient Agency and Care in the Diagnostic Process
Conference: Discourses of Care in Media, Medicine and Society, University of Glasgow, UK


Traumatic Bodily Incisions: From Surgical Patient to the Visualisation of Symptoms in Patient-Doctor Communication
Conference: Trauma, Witness and Record: Ethical and Critical Considerations, NCAD, Dublin, Ireland


2015 – 2019

Fiosraigh Scholarship – Dean of Graduate Students Award
Dublin Institute of Technology, Ireland

2009 – 2010

Studio space residency, Exeter Phoenix Incubator Space, Exeter Phoenix, Devon, UK


Sir John Brent Bursary
Banff Centre for the Arts, Banff, Alberta, Canada, in recognition of collaborative input at residency, Living at the End of Nation States


Canadian Government Grant to enable participation in ten-week residency, Living at the End of Nation States, Banff Centre for the Arts, Banff, Alberta, Canada