Discourses of Care Conference

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I’m looking forward to giving a paper – ‘The visualization of the presenting complaint: promoting patient agency and care in the diagnostic process’ – at the Discourses of Care: Care in Media, Medicine and Society conference at the University of Glasgow on Monday.

Thanks to the Wellcome Trust for funding me.

‘This interdisciplinary conference aims to support and foster collaborative work in relation to media and questions of care and well-being, focusing on care and care giving as critical concepts. Bringing together scholars from film and television studies, medical humanities, disability studies, and philosophy, we will debate how understandings of medical and social care are (and might be) positioned in relation to media and cultural studies. This would be a significant first step toward building inter-disciplinary alliances and driving forward work within the as yet under-determined field of ‘visual medical humanities’.’

Read more at: Discourses of Care